I have to make a public to-do list, or nothing will ever get done.  So here’s what I am working on.  If I don’t do these things in the next six months you can fed-ex me some dog poop.

  • Done: Record the listening parts and sample answers for my new type 2 and 3 speaking questions so that they can be added to the sample speaking answers page.
  • Done: Actually create the type 4 speaking video.  This one I don’t really care about, since I am losing interest in making YouTube videos. No poop if I miss the deadline.
  • Done: Write sample independent essays based on the questions in my “Writing trends” video.
  • Done: Research report: what are the reading passages about.
  • Done: Research report: unpacking the TOEFL speaking rubric.
  • Done: Research report: how are the integrated essay samples put together
  • Done: You Should Read More column (March)
  • Done: A few words about the TOEFL Essentials interview.  This one is easy.
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