Hey, so I learned how the “Mentor’s Guide to the TOEFL” works.  Here’s what you should know:

  • If a teacher emails ETS and supplies the names and email addresses of ten students, ETS will set up a course the students can complete via the edX platform.  The teacher will be added to the course as an admin.
  • The course is almost identical to the existing edX course that students can do on their own.
  • It does include a new practice test.  That appears to be one of the “Test Practice Online” sets that ETS has licensed to schools in China, but it will be new to everyone outside of China.
  • If the students pay a $50 fee (each) to edX, the teacher can track their progress through the course.  If they do not pay that fee, the teacher cannot track their progress.
  • The platform includes a message board for course participants to you.

That’s about it.  I tried to get some students to enroll, but they had already completed the edX content and weren’t interested in doing it again.

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