I’m on every mailing list, so I got an invite to a webinar by Meazure Learning (ProctorU) with ETS about “the impact of an integrated testing experience.” The webinar is described thusly:

“As a global leader in assessments, ETS has made it their mission to advance quality and equity in everything they do. They’ve invested heavily in creating an integrated, seamless solution that ensures their test-takers have a positive and fair testing experience.”

Participants will “understand the challenges ETS faced and how they overcame them” and “learn about the positive outcomes ETS experienced from integration projects.”

The description of the webinar struck me because it seems to me that the collaboration between ProctorU and ETS has been horrible.  The press has been full of accounts of cheating on ETS tests which are proctored by ProctorU, and I get a steady stream of complaints from students who feel they have been mistreated.

It seems particularly tone-deaf that given the above, ETS and Meazure Learning would give a webinar about their successes.

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