I Took the New TOEFL (sort of)

Alright, I took a TPO based on the new TOEFL that starts on August 1.

I’ll produce a detailed video and article about it, but some people want to know the timing right away, so here it is:

Reading: 54 minutes to read 3 passages and answer 30 questions.

Listening: 2 timed sets. Set one consists of a conversation (2:10), a lecture (3:45), and a lecture (4:15). Ten minutes are given to answer the 17 questions. Five questions about the convo, and 6 about each lecture.

Set two consists of a conversation (2:15) and a lecture (4:40). Seven minutes are given to answer the 11 questions. Five questions about the convo, and 6 about the lecture.

Speaking: The remaining 4 questions are in the same order as before, and appear unchanged. The speechrater gave me a “limited” score for most of them. Goddamnit.

Writing: Unchanged.


  1. Hello Michael:
    So, the second set of the Listening section is different from the first set ?. Do they have different number of conversations and lectures ?.
    Regarding the Speaking section: will questions 1 and 5 finally eliminated ? What do you mean when you say “the speech rater gave me a “limited” score for most of them”. What was your score ?
    And thanks, as always, for let us know what is happening in the Toefl world. Greatly appreciated!!

  2. Thank you, do you have any idea about, in order to get 26 in speaking, how many questions we are supposed to get good in it and how many we could get fair? is any chart for that? I believe now any mistake will worth a lot of grades and that is the worst thing about the new change?

    1. Impossible to say for sure since ETS hasn’t released that information, but probably getting 4, 4, 3, 3 would result in 26 points.

  3. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I have a few questions:
    1. Did you get any experimental section in the reading or listening?
    2. I took the TOEFL last month with 6 speaking questions and got limited on all three parts (familiar topics, campus situation, and academic content). I will take the test again on June 29, do you think, I will get 4 questions like you? Please give me some suggestions on how can I improve the speaking score.
    3. As you said, you got 30 questions on the reading section. Could you please explain a little bit, which type of questions they eliminated?

    1. Hello! Pardon my late response. I am traveling right now. To answer your questions:

      1. No. The TPOs never include those. They will be used on the real test though, just as before.

      2. No. On June 29 the old test will be used. The new test will only be offered on August 1 and later.

      3. Officially they have eliminated nothing. Unofficially, they have not used “reference” and “fill in a table” questions for the past couple of years.

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