Update from December 2019:  These instructions are no longer needed.  Ignore this post. 🙂

If you want to purchase a TPO based on the new version of the TOEFL there are some complicated instructions you need to follow. Here’s what to know

1. On the main ETS site the new TPO 31 is listed as part of the “TOEFL Value Pack Prep,” but it is NOT in the new style. Do not buy it.

2. However, you can get an alternate version of TPO 31 which is in the new style.

3. To do that, first you need to create an ETS account and select a date and time for a test sitting. Select any date. You will remove it from the cart later. But for now, add that to your “cart.”

4. After that is done, you will get an option to buy test prep materials. Select TPO 31 from that screen. It will explain that this version of TPO 31 matches the new style.

5. After that, REMOVE the test sitting from your cart so you don’t have to pay for it.

6. Then proceed to checkout and pay for the TPO, which should be the only thing in your cart. MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR A TEST SITTING AS WELL. DO NOT COMPLAIN TO ME IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY PAY FOR A TEST SITTING.

7. I do not know why this is the only way to buy the new version.

8. Enjoy. Let me know if the integrated writing question is about “trees in deserts.” That is the one I bought a couple months ago from the Korean reseller.

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