A few weeks ago, I published an article over on EdAgree about how to develop academic English skills that will come in handy on the TOEFL.

Here’s a bit from the introduction:

The TOEFL test probably includes more academic language than any other major test of English proficiency. This means that preparing for it can be challenging, but also very rewarding. Students preparing for the TOEFL test shouldn’t just practice their English skills in general, but should focus on specific academic skills. For this reason, I strongly recommend that students start preparing for the TOEFL test as early as possible.

In this guide, I will quickly describe each section of the TOEFL test and suggest a few strategies for developing related academic English skills. The advice here will be most beneficial for people who have six months or more to prepare for the test, but I think there will be useful information for all readers.

If that sort of thing looks interesting to you, be sure to check out the whole article .

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