Some readers might have noticed that GregMat’s YouTube channel is offline.  According to Greg, that’s due to a copyright strike filed by ETS.

If anyone at ETS is reading this, listen up.  You shouldn’t do this sort of stuff.  In order for your tests to thrive you need a vibrant community of Youtubers, prep providers and book authors.  This is especially true when you’ve got a test like the GRE that is on the ropes.  I know, I know, you’re thinking “we don’t need that sort of community because we sent branded bluetooth speakers to some Instagram influencers!”  But seriously, you do need it.  Greg was your very best GRE ambassador, and was quickly becoming your best TOEFL ambassador.  Especially among people in your #1 target demo (young people from India).

Update:  The copyright-striked Vince Kotchian too. So dumb.  The dude was just on “Tests and the Rest” saying decent things about the GRE.

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