ETS is seeking to recruit a new Executive Director for the Office of Testing Integrity.  For many years (decades?) the OTI was a little-known office within ETS that only attracted notice once every few years when a cheating scandal popped up, usually on the SAT.  Now, in the era of remote proctoring and at-home testing, the OTI is known to a lot of people.  It is home to the staff that send out reports of TOEFL scores being “on hold.”  Perhaps some innovation within the OTI is called for.

Ray Nicosia has held the position of executive director of the OTI for 27 years and he did something else at ETS for six years prior to getting the job.  The New York Times once referred to him as “the SAT’s top cop.”  I don’t know if Ray is retiring from ETS or just moving to another office.   I met him once, very briefly, at a presentation he gave in Seoul some years ago.  Actually, I recall that on his way to talk to much more important people he actually stopped and asked me where I was from!  As readers of the blog know, I like to keep a low profile… but the top cop surely had a sixth sense!

I kid, of course.  It is worth mentioning that Ray seemed like a cool dude.  And his presentation about test security was the best part of the whole seminar.  For real.

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