ETS Strategic Capital announced its purchase of Vericant today. That’s the company that handles the unscored video interview at the end of the TOEFL ITP for China. I don’t think they will handle the interview at the end of the TOEFL Essentials Test, as I don’t believe that it will be done live, as on the ITP. 


The Vericant website indicates that in addition to facilitating the submission of unscored interviews, they also provide scoring services for spoken responses and remote proctoring of written responses. It seems to be a fairly small company, though, so I don’t imagine that it will be able to provide these services for ETS (which are currently done in-house and by ProctorU, respectively). 

Meanwhile, ETS also announced the acquisition of a minority stake in MPOWER Financing, a company that provides student loans for international students and DACA recipients.  ETS’s stake in that appears to be worth five million dollars, according to reports.

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