Duolingo just reported its Q2 results! Revenue from the Duolingo English Test was 9.80 million dollars in the quarter, up from 8.03 million dollars in Q2 of last year. Note that the cost of taking the test is now $59, up from $49 in 2022.

At $59 a pop, we can assume that the test was taken about 166,254 times in the quarter. The real number is probably a bit higher, given the presence of occasional discounts and freebies. This is about the same as Q2 of last year.

I was a bit surprised by the drop in both revenue and test-takers compared to Q1 of this year, when the company reported revenue of 9.97 million (from perhaps 203,000 tests).

That said, historic SEC filings suggest that Q2 is generally soft for the DET (Q2 saw the fewest DET test-takers in both 2021 and 2022).

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