Some of the questions on the Duolingo English Test will change on April 2.   Look for:

  • A two-part writing question.  The test-taker will have five minutes to respond to a writing prompt.  Then a follow-up prompt on the same topic will be presented and the test-taker will have three minutes to respond to it.
  • A new “fill in the missing word” question.  The test-taker is given a sentence containing one unfinished word and must complete the word.  I’m not sure how this is different from the existing C-Test item (other than the fact that the test-taker will get just one sentence at a time).
  • A slightly redesigned “select the real word” task.  Test-takers will get the items one at a time instead of a bunch all at once.

These question types should all be present in the free practice test now.  



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