The Duolingo English Test now has a “faster results” option.  For an additional fee of $40, test takers can get their results in just 12 hours, instead of the usual 48 hours.  This could be useful for people with really tight deadlines.  Read about it here.

This is a great example of how Duolingo is building a better “Test Taker Experience,” a topic I’ve written about extensively here on the blog.  That said, the development surprised me, as it isn’t something I’ve included in my lists of suggestions for testing companies.  It is a welcome development, nonetheless.

One of Duolingo’s great strengths is its nimbleness, and ability to implement things like this really quickly.  For legacy testing providers implementing positive change sometimes seems akin to turning an aircraft carrier around.  Note how the IELTS didn’t get a home version until a few months ago, or how the TOEFL didn’t get automated speaking scoring until 2019.

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