Duolingo just released its 2024 Q1 earnings report.

Revenue from the Duolingo English Test was 12.8 million dollars in the quarter.  That’s a 28% increase from the same quarter last year.  Note that the test cost $10 less at that time.

My math (revenue/$59 price tag) suggests that the test was probably taken about 217,000 times in the quarter. That’s a new high. The previous high was Q1 2023, when the test was probably taken about 203,000 times.

Those are just estimates, though. The real numbers are different since some people paid less than $59 (there is a discount when two registrations are purchased at the same time) and others paid more (results can be processed faster for an extra fee).  Still others paid nothing at all via the Duolingo Access Program.

As noted here a few days ago, the overall volume of the PTE Test declined slightly in this same period.

I believe that the DET generates about 7.6% of Duolingo’s overall revenue.  It is easy to forget that the DET is just a small piece of the company.

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