I learned today that ApplyBoard is selling discounted TOEFL vouchers via its website.  If you want, you can go buy one over here.  Or read on for more details.

Basically, you can buy a TOEFL voucher at a 20% discount from Applyboard.  You can then use the voucher when you register for the test.  That’s a nice way to save some money!

Note that vouchers are locked to specific countries and currently can only be purchased for: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil, Canada and Mexico.

Another thing worth noting is that the pricing seems a little bit quirky, so the discount is not always exactly twenty percent.  For your convenience, here’s a list of what you will pay for one voucher in each country:

  • India: $158.57 (17% discount)
  • Bangladesh: $164  (20% discount)
  • Pakistan: $160 (20% discount)
  • Sri Lanka: $148 (20% discount)
  • Vietnam: $160 (20% discount)
  • Brazil: $172 (20% discount)
  • Canada: $151.20 (32% discount)
  • Mexico: $160.00 (20% discount)

The discount in Canada is probably more than 32% since no extra sales taxes are added in the shopping cart.

A few other details are worth mentioning here:

  • You can get even larger discounts if you buy vouchers in bulk. You’ll get a 25% discount if you buy more than 10 vouchers, and a 30% discount if you buy more than 50.
  • You can also buy TOEFL prep materials (e-books and graded TPOs) at discounted prices.
  • You can also buy vouchers for the GRE and the PTE.
  • I don’t know if the vouchers have expiration dates.
  • ETS usually adjusts its prices in August.  I don’t know how this will impact the sale of vouchers.

So there you go.  I hope this helps you save some money on your TOEFL registration. 


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