A couple days ago the Daily Princetonian published an open letter urging Princeton University to accept the Duolingo English Test. The author’s heart is in the right place, but the article is full of incorrect and inaccurate statements about language testing. Perhaps someone from ETS or IDP Education Ltd should contact the paper about those.

Worth noting are the following errors:

1.  TOEFL and IELTS test-takers are not charged twenty dollars to send their results “to each and every university” they apply to. TOEFL includes four free score reports. IELTS includes five free score reports. The PTE includes unlimited free score reports.

2.  I think the author mixed up the “Pearson Test of English” and the “Preliminary English Test”. The latter is not used for university admissions. It was also renamed some years ago.

3.  Russians are not required to leave their country to take the TOEFL. The test can be taken from their homes, inside of Russia.

4.  The Educational Testing Service is not run by Princeton alum Robert Murley.

5.  The Educational Testing Service is not headquartered in Princeton. It is headquartered in nearby Lawrence Township.

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