According to a story published by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, Eddie Monteiro is no longer the Chief Operating Officer of ETS.

The end of a story about the appointment of Rohit Sharma as senior Vice President of Global Workskills includes the following:

Sharma’s appointment comes after the former chief operating officer abruptly left the company last month. Eddie Monterio, who was hired in April 2021, was also a senior vice president. He arrived at ETS after serving as as senior vice president of global business and technology services at Pearson™ PLC, where he oversaw various initiatives to improve overall cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

It was unclear why Monterio left the company and repeated emails to an ETS spokeswoman were not returned.

Indeed, Monterio is no longer included in a list of the leaders of ETS.  At present, that page does not include a COO.

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