The College Board’s 990 form for the year ending December 2022 is now available via Propublica. Though this duplicates much of the stuff in the audit released in September, a few fun facts are worth mentioning:

  1. Revenue for the year was about 1.04 billion dollars (including 126 million of investment income).  That’s up from 983 million the year before.
  2. Expenses were about 894 million dollars.
  3. The College Board’s profit was a cool 145 million dollars.
  4. Total assets are valued at 2.01 billion dollars (up from 1.9 billion)

As far as I can tell, this was the first year in recent memory where the College Board has both higher profits and larger assets than ETS.  That’s significant when you consider how ETS came into existence and the traditional relationship between the two firms.

The top earner for the year was CEO David Coleman, who took home about 2.1 million dollars.  President James Singer earned 1.8 million dollars.

The College Board paid ETS 316 million dollars for work on the Board’s behalf.  They paid Pearson 25 million.

The AP program brought in revenues of 493 million dollars (up from 466 million).

The SAT program brought in revenues of 289 million dollars (up from 280 million).

The College & Career Opportunities & Enrollment scheme brought in revenues of 106 million dollars (down from 120 million).

For the year ending 2019, the SAT program brought in revenues of more than 400 million dollars.  This seems to be a test that is in decline.  And the AP program in 2019?  490 million.  Go figure.

Investments valued at 217 million dollars are located in “Central America and the Caribbean.”

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