Moving along, here’s a quick list of changes to Chapters 3 (Listening) and Chapters 4 (Reading) in the new Official Guide to the TOEFL.  Again, I’m focusing on stuff other than the major changes to the test that started back in July.

You can read the whole blog series on changes at the following links: chapter one, chapter two, chapter three and four, chapter five, the tests.

Chapter 3

Pages 122-123:

“Painters and Painting” is added as a potential lecture topic.

“Computer Science” is removed as a potential lecture topic.

“TV/Radio as mass communication” is now “media broadcasting and digital media as mass communication.”

Chapter 4:

Page 171:  Again, the length of the reading passage in question #2 is listed as 90-115 words.

Page 177:  Same as above, for question #3.

Page 178:  The sample reading for question #3 is now a single paragraph (same content, though)

Page 189:  Again, the reading passages are listed as 90-115 words.

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