Since it is the end of the year, here is a quick run-down of the best TOEFL books and courses available today. I remind you that I have used and examined everything that is listed here, so if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.  I’m a picky teacher, but (I hope) a fair one when it comes to materials. Don’t consider the order I’ve listed these materials as a ranking system.  I don’t rank stuff.

Best Online TOEFL Courses in 2022

1. TST Prep Score Builder Program

Pros: This remains the gold-standard for third party courses. It includes a 20 hour video course, 1000+ activities, 1000+ practice questions, 10 practice tests and other stuff.  It has the most accurate practice tests and questions of any third-party publisher.

Cons: It costs $197, which some might consider expensive.  However, you can use the coupon code goodine10off to get a 10% discount.  TST Prep also runs sales now and then, so check their social media.  A sale + the coupon will make this a deal.

2. Official iBT Prep Course

The Prep Course is new for 2022!  Yes, ETS is now selling its own online course.  It costs $130.

Pros: Since it comes from ETS, all of the practice questions in this course are 100% accurate.  That’s important.  I really like the strategies for the writing and speaking sections, as they clear up a lot of misconceptions held by students.

Cons: It contains no video lessons; the lessons are all text. Also, the course contains far fewer practice questions than the TST Prep course does. There is no option to take even one complete practice test all at once.

3. GregMat+ TOEFL

GregMat’s TOEFL course became super-popular in 2022.  Young people adore it.   It costs $5 per month.  Just remember to cancel the auto-renew.

Pros:  The strength of this course it its simplicity.  It consists of about 60 videos.  And that’s it.  It doesn’t have any activities, PDF files, sample tests or clunky UI to navigate.  It is just a bunch of videos that explain test-taking strategy.  In this way, it complements what is available online for free quite well. This appeals a lot to younger students, I think.  It is also really frigging cheap. It also includes access to Greg’s GRE lessons.

Cons:  The videos use questions from ETS sources like the website and the official (green) books to illustrate the strategies. Many buyers will already have seen them before they buy the course.  And, uh, I’m not sure if Greg is really allowed to use them in this way.

Best TOEFL  Books in 2022

Here are some Amazon links to my favorite TOEFL books.  Keep in mind that as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases on that site.

1.  The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT Test, Sixth Edition

I think everyone should read the Official Guide to the TOEFL.  It is a perfect starting point for almost everyone planning to take the test.

Pros: This book contains the most detailed description of the test available.  It also contains four practice tests.

Cons: The integrated writing question in the first practice test is inaccurate.  The software used to deliver the practice tests is somewhat flawed (the listening section timers are wrong)

2. Official TOEFL iBT Tests Volume One, and Volume Two

These two books complement the above guide.  They each contain five practice tests.  They represent the ten best practice tests currently available.  Every serious test-taker should use them.  Note that they use the same somewhat flawed software to deliver the tests that the Official Guide uses.

3. Barron’s TOEFL 17th edition

Barron’s TOEFL is the last TOEFL book from a major third-party publisher that still gets updated.  Once there were many TOEFL books, but now there is one. 

Pros: This is a pretty good TOEFL book.  It contains detailed strategies.  The strongest aspect of the book is its massive collection of practice tests.  It includes eight full tests and eight more “practice tests” which contain 1/3 of the usual content.  That’s a ton of practice.   New in 2022 is a kindle version sold via Amazon.

Cons: There are a few little inaccuracies here and there (like in all third-party materials), but not enough to turn me off of the book.  

4. Princeton Review TOEFL 2022

Princeton Review still has a TOEFL book, but it doesn’t get updated (they just change the cover and title each year).  The only changes I’ve noticed in recent editions are typo fixes. I think this will be the last year I list it on the blog, unless it gets a proper update.

Pros: This book is okay.  It has some solid strategies and one decent practice test.

Cons: It has just one practice test.  Just one!  It also contains inaccuracies that probably won’t ever get fixed.

5.  Mastering the Reading Section for the TOEFL iBT: Third Edition

Kathy Spratt’s TOEFL reading book has a cult following online.  People love it.

Pros: Kathy focuses on what she knows best – the reading section of the TOEFL.  The book contains detailed strategies and original practice questions.  It is really cheap.

Cons: You’ll have to look elsewhere for help with the rest of the test.

Forthcoming in 2023

I believe that Collins will publish new editions of their TOEFL books sometime in 2023.  I like the current editions, but they are really old.

As I hear from publishers, I will update this post.

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