Arizona State University stopped accepting the TOEFL Home Edition sometime last month. When I reached out to the school I was told that they will no longer accept the GRE Home Edition either (but I am not sure how they can tell the difference in the case of that test).  This is noted on their website:

ASU does not accept TOEFL iBT® Home Edition or TOEFL Essentials exams

This is a big deal, as ASU still has one of the largest undergraduate enrollments in the United States.

Concerns about at-home testing have been bubbling to the surface over the past few months.

ASU doesn’t mention any particular concerns, of course.  But I was told by a representative of the school that “ASU’s policies about acceptable tests are all put in place after thoughtful consideration about what is best for both the student and the university, ensuring that the admission process for all students who apply is fair and practical.”

Perhaps the university has concerns about the integrity of tests taken at home.  Or perhaps there is a different reason.

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