Well, I find that having a public to-do list increases my accountability a little bit (and I managed to finish everything on last month’s list), so here’s what I want to get done in the next month or two:

  • Done: Start a blog post tracking schools that do and do not accept the TOEFL Essentials Test.
  • Done: Blog post: “The TOEFL is not (just) an English Test”
  • Done: Blog post: Followup to the changing the TOEFL post with input from other teachers
  • One new sample essay, based on the “how to improve the environment” prompt that comes up now and again
  • One new speaking sample
  • 2021 Essay templates, with a video combining both
  • One new TOEFL Essentials writing video (but only if I can find more than five schools that will accept the test)
  • Done: The July reading column, of course
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