I was able to sit in on an ETS webinar about the At-Home Edition of the TOEFL.  A few additional details were provided.  They are:

  1.  The test-taker will be recorded for the whole test. 
  2.  Additional countries will be probably be announced later this week.  Update:  the test is available all over the world, except Iran and China.
  3.  Paper score reports are not being sent at this time.
  4.  The score report of the At-Home TOEFL will list “STNRP” followed by the ISO code of the student’s country in the “test center” section.  It will probably also contain the words “Special Home Edition” somewhere.
  5. Notably, the Home Edition of the GRE will not contain any information indicating how the test was taken.
  6. A built-in camera is okay, as long as the computer can be lifted up and rotated to give a view of the whole room.
  7. Food and drink is not allowed.
  8. Religious headgear is okay, but ears must be visible at all times.
  9. AI facial recognition and gaze tracking technology will also be used to prevent cheating.
  10. AI facial recognition is used throughout the test to ensure that the proper person is taking the test.
  11. If ETS discovers that a student is cheating or has broken a rule, the scores will be cancelled.  The student may be banned from taking the test in the future (and other ETS tests).
  12. If the student loses their internet connection during the test the proctor will stop the test and a free retest will be offered (just note that this was TOLD to me, and is not written anywhere as an official policy, so don’t consider it a guarantee).
  13. The free TPO mentioned by ETS is only available in China, and will not be offered to students outside of China.
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