I can now confirm the following details about the upcoming changes to the TOEFL.

  1. Speaking question one (personal preference) will be removed. Only speaking question two (personal choice) will remain in the independent speaking section.
  2. Speaking question five (campus situation) will be removed. The other three speaking questions will remain the same.
  3. No specific reading question types are being removed. Just the number of questions is being changed. Expect to see less of each type.

I should mention here that the test will probably take 3.5 hours instead of 3 hours as stated in the press release from ETS. Yeah, you will spend just three hours answering questions, but you will spend 30 minutes on administrative stuff and on your break. Keep that in mind.

Finally, I can’t get any news about planned updates to the textbooks and practice tests published by ETS. I hope those get updated, as EVERYTHING will be out of date in a couple of months time.

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Jaime Miller

Hi Michael, thanks for putting in so much effort. I’m wondering what I missed about where you’re confident that Speaking Task 1 and 5 will be removed. Can you confirm a source? Or is this one of those Top Secret Leak kind-of-things? 🙂


God bless you, Michael
thanks for the fast update. You are the best. The way you teach Toefl is so so so amazing that I gain my confidence about acing the TOEFL as soon as sooner 🙂

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