ETS has confirmed that students in Russia and Belarus can now register to take the TOEFL Home Edition and the at home GRE from within Russia and Belarus.  However, they may not take those tests at a test center. 

Here is the press release announcing this change:

Beginning August 4, ETS is updating its March 2022 policy and will now allow test takers in Russia and Belarus to register for the TOEFL iBT Home Edition, TOEFL Essentials and at home GRE tests barring any financial restrictions they may encounter.

Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, students in Russia and Belarus remain unable to take these tests at a test center within these countries. Students who prefer to test in person are welcome to take an exam in other countries or regions barring any travel and financial restrictions they may encounter.

We remain firmly committed to supporting all learners on their education journeys and hope peace prevails as soon as possible.

Testing in Russia and Belarus was suspended in March by ETS with an announcement that the testing organization stood “in unity with the people of Ukraine with hope that peace prevails.”

According to reports from Mediazona, test-takers in Russia and Belarus will be permitted to take the TOEFL Home Edition starting August 4.   Testing in those countries was shut down in March of this year when ETS ceased operations following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  For a few hours this month, that ban actually extended to Russian citizens around the world.  

Interestingly, the report indicates that students will only be able to take the TOEFL Home Edition… and will not be able to take it at a test center.

Mediazona cites an ETS rep as the source of this news.  I guess the GRE will return in a similar fashion, since it is also an ETS test.

Update: ETS has now issued a press release confirming the above information.  Students in Russia and Belarus can take the TOEFL Home Edition and the at-home GRE.

It is worth keeping an eye on the IELTS test, which was shut down in Russia around the same time.  Same for Pearson’s PTE.