According to last week’s SEC filings, revenue for the Duolingo English Test in Q1 2022 was $8,080,000.  That’s almost exactly the same as Q4 2021.  It is up about three million dollars from Q1 of 2021.

At $49 a pop, we might extrapolate that the test was taken 165,000 times in the quarter. The actual number is probably a little bit higher than that due to discounts and free tests.

Here are the historic revenues:

Q1 2022 – 8,080,000

Q4 2021 – 8,095,000
Q3 2021 – 6,695,000
Q2 2021 – 4,833,000
Q1 2021 – 5,035,000

Q4 2020 – 4,197,000
Q3 2020 – 5,607,000
Q2 2020 – 4,598,000
Q1 2020 – 753,000

Reports indicate that ETS has suspended TOEFL and GRE tests in Iran until further notice. The reasons are unclear. Does anyone have information about this?

Students were notified about cancellations about ten hours ago.

Update:  According to reports, ETS is awaiting the renewal of its OFAC license.   When that has been renewed, testing will resume in Iran.  I don’t know when that will happen.

Update:  Below is the message sent by ETS.