Well, I was able to get a few more questions answered.  Nothing really earth-shattering here, but I thought I would pass the answers along.  Please don’t consider the answers direct quotes by ETS.  They have been edited by myself for clarity and organization.

Q: In the reading section is it possible for test-takers to receive 9 questions instead of 10 questions? There are students claiming that they have received only 9 questions.

A: There have been tests where students received 9 questions instead of 10. There will be further clarification from ETS about this.

Q: In the speaking section, Advantages and disadvantages,” and multiple choice(choose from 3 options) independent questions have been absent since August. Are they gone for good?

A: While we cannot say those formats will never appear again, they featured most prominently in our old Item 1 question (the Free Choice question), which we eliminated when we shortened the test.

Q: Does ETS have plans to release a new conversion chart for TOEFL raw scores and scaled scores?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Does ETS have plans to restore level descriptions of each speaking or writing task in the score report? (The ones that showed limited’ ‘weak or fair results for each task)

A: Not at this time.

Q: Does ETS have plans to release a new version of official guidebooks and other test prep materials?

A: An updated Official Guide to the TOEFL Test and Official TOEFL iBT Tests (volumes 1 and 2) will be released; the current projected release date is June 2020, but that date may change.

Reuters is reporting that sittings of the TOEFL for the remainder of January and all o February have been cancelled across China due to the spread of coronavirus.  The GRE and IELTS tests have also been affected.

Update:  China Daily has a more detailed report.  It confirms that “All TOEFL, GRE and IELTS tests in the Chinese mainland in February will be canceled “

All test fees will be refunded.  The situation will be reassessed in February.

ETS has finally published a list of schools and organizations that accept TOEFL MyBest scores!  You can find the list as a PDF right here. This makes me happy, as I won’t have to maintain my own list anymore.  The ETS list even looks pretty comprehensive.  It appears that they use the same method as me to generate the list (checking university websites), but they’ve found more schools than me and last updated their work on January 3.  I will keep an eye on it for additional updates throughout the year.