TOEFL Speaking Type Six Questions

You will listen to a brief academic lecture.  The topic of the lecture is supported using two examples.  You will be asked a question about how the lecturer uses the two examples.  The question prompt will look something like:

"Using points and examples from the talk, describe two methods of how plants absorb water."

This question type does not include a reading part. It contains only a listening, which takes the form of an academic lecture.

The listening

The lecture is about a topic that might appear in a freshman university class. Broadly, the lectures usually relate to:

  • Biology
  • Sociology
  • Business
  • History and Art

The lecture always contains a clear main topic. Moreover, it is always broken into two sub-topics that illustrate the main point. The structure of the lecture is usually something like:

  • Introduction (1-3 sentences that broadly introduce the topic)
  • Subtopic One + some details about it or one detail about it and an example
  • Subtopic Two + some details about it or one detail about it and an example

How to Answer

Include a very short description of the topic of the lecture followed by a detailed answer to the specific question that has been asked.

Answer Template

  • The lecture is about...
  • The professor illustrates this point using two main examples.
  • First, he gives the example of...
  • He says that...
  • Secondly, he speaks about the example of...
  • He claims that...

Video Lesson (Including Sample Answer)